Four Early Red Flags When Hiring Home Improvement Contractors in Rochester

Hiring Rochester home improvement contractors for a job of any size and scope is always a big investment and requires a high level of care to make sure the job turns out how you want it.  Fortunately, the construction process gives you plenty of opportunities to back out before work begins, during the pre-construction phase.

The pre-construction phase is the planning phase when you sit down with your contractor and they present their overall plan for the work.  At this point, you can still walk away with relatively little loss – and if you see any of the following red flags, you probably should.

Four Pre-Construction Signs That Say You Need A New Home Improvement Contractor

  1. Potential problems with construction quality

You don’t want a contractor who only meets the bare minimums required by law.  Those minimums are often far below the level of quality you’d actually want.  Ask a lot of questions about where materials and workers are coming from, particularly if you’re getting quoted a price that seems too good to be true.  If they’re under-bidding, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll cut corners.

  1. No restrictions on changes to the plans

Contractors traditionally have some leeway to make changes to the plans, based on contingencies or surprises.  However, this right should not be unlimited!  Your contract should have set limitations on how much they can change the plans without your approval, and those limitations should be within a range you consider acceptable.

Otherwise, those grand 10-foot ceilings you planned on could turn into 8-foot ceilings instead, and you’d have no recourse.

  1. Plans for adjacent properties

Will your developer be working on properties adjacent to your own?  If so, they’re required by law to disclose this, as well as what work they’ll be doing.  Be sure to go over this carefully, to make sure they aren’t making plans that would impact your enjoyment of your own property.

  1. They’re cagey about deadlines

Do they get vague when you bring up construction deadlines and move-in dates?  Do online reviews or other testimonials suggest they have a history of falling behind schedule?  If so, you’ll want to think hard about whether it’s worth continuing to work with them – and how much you’d be inconvenienced if they miss their dates.

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