About ABC Reefs

Syracuse's Leading Reef Shop

Our Story

A hobby that just wouldn’t stop growing…. We started almost 12 years ago as 2 hobbyists trying to learn as much as we could about the saltwater hobby. Having limited resources in the Syracuse area, we went out on the road. We traveled all over the north east looking for info and sources of livestock. There wasn’t a store too small or an aquarium to big. As our passion grew we expanded our range until we finally took the pilgrimage out to Live Aquaria for their Second Annual Frag Swap. After taking a tour of their facilities we knew we had to bring some of this amazing livestock back to Syracuse. We started with 10-10gal tanks in the basement (ABC- Angelo’s Basement Corals) and quickly added tanks whenever we had the time. Soon we were shipping in livestock and had lines out the door… in the middle of the night. Seeing the enthusiasm for the hobby in the area, coupled with certain spousal pressures, led us to open our retail location over 10 years ago. The rest is a never ending history of learning and exploring where this wonderful hobby could take us.

Our Story

ABC Reefs is a Syracuse based company who has been in business for years and a company who supplies saltwater and freshwater fish and supplies to Upstate New York. Our goal is to help our customers create a beautiful underwater utopia with corals and freshwater plants.

With our many years of knowledge, let us help you to challenge your creativity to create a tank you are proud to show friends and relatives.

Our Values

Our company comes from a primary source of learning and exploring this amazing hobby. If you can make a mistake in this hobby we have already done it. From our failures we were able to learn and grow and now can pass down this new found knowledge. Our mistakes lead to our customer’s success. That coupled with a never ending quest of continuous improvement, leads to a core value system that puts our customers first and places them in a position to succeed. We will not sell something to a customer if we don’t feel there is a great chance at success. Owning an aquarium and creating an ecosystem is a journey and our core values help you achieve that goal.

Our Foundation

We learned very early on that cutting corners can lead to more negatives than positives in this hobby. Patience is king. We go to great lengths to keeps our tanks clean and our livestock healthy. We make weekly livestock runs directly to the warehouses so that we can personally handpick our critters. We feel that in making that extra effort leads to healthier and less stressed livestock and in turn happier customers.