What You Should Know About Taking Out Load-Bearing Walls

Some home renovations you might request from home improvement contractors in Rochester are easy.  New windows here, new paint there.  It might take a little work, but there’s no real chance of anything going wrong or any need for significant red tape.  However, that’s not the case when you’re talking about a load-bearing wall.

If you’re thinking about major changes to your home’s interior layout, it may be tempting to knock down walls.  If it’s a load-bearing wall, though, things get significantly more complex.  Here are some things to know.

Four Important Warnings When Taking Down A Load-Bearing Wall

  1. You Could DIY It – But You Probably Don’t Want To

Unless your city or local neighborhood has unusual restrictions, it’s usually permissible for a homeowner to take down a load-bearing wall as a DIY project.  However, this is rarely a good idea.  Taking out structural walls can be tricky, even for an experienced Rochester home improvement contractor.  Trying to do it yourself would incur a lot of additional risk.

  1. You’ll have to get the city involved

Major structural changes to your home will require those changes to be overseen by your local building authority.  Likewise, the final result will have to be inspected and cleared before the house is deemed once again fit for human habitation.  It’s better to get the relevant authorities involved sooner, rather than later, to ensure all the bureaucratic requirements are met.

  1. Load-bearing elements must be restored

Obviously, you can’t just remove a major load-bearing element and replace it with nothing.  The final renovation will need to either utilize crossbeams above your head or else utilize a single post to serve the same purpose that the wall once did.  Either way, consider these options when planning your renovation.

Also, if you opt for a beam, that beam will almost always end up being lower than the level of the ceiling.

  1. Plenty of temporary supports must be used

When the wall is knocked down, there should be a plan already in place to put up temporary support structures in its place.  These need to go up ASAP.  The longer the ceiling goes unsupported, the more chance of damage being done.

Trust the Pros to Remove Your Wall

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