Updating Your Home’s Interior Can Have Big Effects on Your Mood

Are you feeling a bit down when you’re at home?  Do your surroundings seem drab and uninspiring?  Perhaps it’s time to contact some Rochester home improvement contractors for an interior update!

Giving your living areas a new look isn’t merely a good way to rejuvenate your home and increase its value.  It can also give significant psychological benefits, and help you feel better when you’re hanging around the house.  Here are a few ways to make it happen.

Three Ways an Updated Interior Can Boost Your Mood

  • Choose more uplifting colors

A lot of interiors from the past few decades have been a bit drab, either focusing on earth tones or “modernist” black & white color schemes.  These might have been trendy, but they don’t help your mood.  More colorful designs will also be more uplifting!  Blue is a soothing color if you’re stressed.  Red, on the other hand, tends to be energizing.  Green, yellow, and even purple can all have positive psychological effects as well.

Give yourself a colorful room, and you’ll want to stay in it!

  • Light lifts depression

Another excellent modification you could make is to open up the room and allow more light in.  You could install a skylight, or put in larger windows, or maybe even convert a solid door into a windowed door.  However, you do it, having more light in a room will help boost even the gloomiest dispositions.  We’re evolved to seek light, and it makes us happier to be in brightly lit areas.

Sunlight is even necessary for our bodies to be fully healthy.  You can’t be at peak performance if you’re sitting in the dark all the time!

  • Add more plants 

Can’t afford a major interior renovation from experienced Rochester home improvement contractors?  There’s still a cheap and easy way to improve your interior – add plants!  Greenery makes any room more inviting and provides a substantial psychological boost as well.  Plus, having plenty of plants in a house means they’ll be producing plenty of fresh oxygen as well – just the thing to counteract the smog and pollution outside.

Plants are cheap to buy and care for, so they’re a perfect all-budgets option.

Spartacus Construction Can Make Your Interior Shine

Ready for a new interior look?  We have years of experience as home improvement contractors across the Rochester area.  Contact us today and tell us about your dream interior!